Oh Snap!

My photography story starts in Africa, where I was raised. My parents were involved in humanitarian work, and it became my job to document their endeavors.  Around the townships I was known as the little mzungu with the long brown ponytails and the big camera. I loved nothing better than to run barefoot across the rich, red earth snapping photos of beautiful Africa and her people.

My belief in the power of a strong image to change the world inspired me to become a war photographer and I heartily threw myself into planning my life around this goal. That all changed when I met my husband Eric and I found out that love is a more profound story than hate could ever be.

Fun Facts :
* I was given a native name in the Khoekhoe language.

* I have taken a photo in the same old chemical process photo booth for the last 15 years.  From my first day at college, to the first time I found out I made it into an art show, these moments are all documented in tiny little photo strips. My husband Eric even asked me to marry him in that photo-booth too!  So romantic, no? 

* I have a degree in Fine Art and I paint and sew on many of my images.

* I still shoot documentary stories around the world and you can see some of that work here 

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